Keynote Speakers

Speakers will share their knowledge and expertise in a 20 minute keynote speech, which includes taking questions from the audience. The following speakers have been invited to give keynote speeches at the joint conference:

Prof. He Tao

  • China National Solar Testing Center (China)
  • Topic: Solar thermal components: latest development in China

Ing. Jan Erik Nielsen - confirmed

  • Planenergi (Denmark)
  • Topic: Solar thermal components and certification

Prof. Dr. Klaus Vajen

  • University Kassel (Germany)
  • Topic: SHC applications and innovations

Dr. Stephen D. White

  • CSIRO (Australia)
  • Topic: SHC and solar cooling

Dr. Nicolas Calvet - confirmed

  • Masdar Institute (UAE)
  • Topic: Solar thermal power plants and energy storage

Prof. Adriano Moehlecke

  • PUCRS, Porto Alegre (Brazil)
  • Topic: Latest advances in solar cells and PV systems

Mr. Rabindra Kumar Satpathy

  • Emami Power (India)
  • Topic: Grid integration of PV systems and off-grid rural electrification in India

Ms. Maria Wall - confirmed

  • University of Lund (Sweden)
  • Topic: Urban planning for solar energy
  • Bauhaus Luftfahrt (Germany)
  • Topic: Solar fuels for aviation

Dr. David Renné - confirmed

  • ISES President (USA)
  • Topic: Solar energy forecast

Mr. Geoff Stapleton

  • GSES (Australia)
  • Topic: Professional training experience in Pacific Islands

Mr. Thomas Yeung - confirmed

Topic: Energy efficiency in water desalination

Thomas YeungThomas Yeung is a water and power specialist in Saudi Aramco. He was Aramco’s representative on the national Long Term Planning (LTP) team from 2015 to 2017 – other LTP members included MEIM, MEWA, SEC, SWCC, NWC, and ECRA. The objective of the LTP was to develop an integrated and sustainable plan for municipal electricity, water and wastewater to 2040. As part of this analysis, Thomas advised on: biogas production at wastewater treatment plants to produce electricity and process heat; the use of treated waste water for power plant cooling; and replacing combined (thermal) power and water plant with separate generation and desalination facilities.

Prior to joining Aramco, Thomas worked in the UK electricity industry, ran an electricity and water utility in the Caribbean and was briefly responsible for electricity, water, district cooling, and waste management in a zero-carbon city being built in Abu Dhabi before outsourcing most of it to the local utilities.

Important Dates

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Author registration deadline: August 15, 2017
Early bird deadline: August 31, 2017
Late registration fee: after October 27

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