How to Build a Solar Panel?

DIY Photovoltaic: How to Build a Solar Panel?

DIY photovoltaics is an alternative to professional installation. This approach allows you to build a solar energy system in your home in total autonomy, significantly reducing construction costs, the number of specialized technicians involved, but above all the time taken. Not only that, even the management costs and bureaucratic practices are totally eliminated, like those of design. Below we will explore this alternative approach, highlighting the more technical aspects of construction and the more practical ones relating to components and costs.

By now we all know what sources of sustainable energy are, including their importance for keeping the environmental ecosystem in balance. Solar panels, electric cars, Biogas, are just some of the alternatives that everyone can choose. In addition countries at the forefront in the renewable energy sector, offers numerous incentives for their use. The ‘ Solar energy is a totally green source, able to respond fully to the needs of your household. However, installing a system can require long periods of analysis and design and sometimes a high cost : with do-it-yourself photovoltaics the system is completely overturned. Let’s find out how.

DIY photovoltaics: what are we talking about?

The passionate people of handmade, sustainable solutions and solar energy definitely wanted to be able to be an active part in the installation of a photovoltaic system. From these premises the do-it-yourself photovoltaic is born, which allows you to build a fully functional system at home and with your own hands, optimizing costs, times and activities. Of course, obviously it is a simpler and more essential system, recommended only for houses of small size and with limited energy production, but this solution allows you to cut design and feasibility study costs. This process is constantly evolving and there are various proposals and formats on the market. What is the difference? Certainly the first is the repower. Furthermore, apart from buying the individual components (such as the photovoltaic panels, the inverter and the wiring), today there are also real assembly kits in which you can find everything you need and which allow you to assemble in about half an hour time for your system.

What is a DIY photovoltaic kit?

The DIY photovoltaic kit brings together all the components necessary to create a photovoltaic system with the advantage of not having to worry about the compatibility and integration of the different products. By purchasing it, therefore, you will find everything you need in a single pallet that preserves the correct functionality of the materials inside. On sale there are different types:

With network connection (on grid); Not connected to the grid (off grid); Without accumulation ; With storage battery ; Connected to an autonomous system without inverter; With inverter.

In short, the possibilities are truly numerous, made on purpose to offer a valid solution to the various domestic and personal needs. In general, a kit with a power of 3 kW contains:

eco energy

  • from 12 to 14 photovoltaic panels of 200-235 Watt each;
  • a 3,000 Watt inverter ;
  • an aluminum structure as a fixing system for the panels;
  • the system of solar cables equipped with connectors;
  • the DC / AC field switchboard with disconnectors;
  • the surge arresters;
  • the fuse holders;
  • the protection and wiring system;
  • Software that monitors system performance.

Important: depending on the consumption and the square meters of the house, the needs are very variable, for this reason there are those who prefer to buy the components individually.