Ways You Can Help Climate Change

Use Your Voice

You can use your voice to raise your concerns about climate change. This may include telling a member of parliament your worries and telling them why you are passionate about climate change.

You can also attend marches, protests and environmental activities and join with those who feel the same way you do. Multiple voices are stronger than one, let’s come together.


Cut Back on Dairy

Dairy products have a huge impact on the environment. You can make a change by reducing the number of dairy products you consume. Switching to non-dairy alternatives that are more plant-based, have many health benefits too.

You can also make the effort to choose products that are grown locally. This will reduce the carbon footprints from transportation.


Instead of taking the car on walkable distanced journeys, try to walk or cycle there instead. Travelling via car is one of the largest drivers for increasing carbon emissions.

Also, when you need to travel via plane, go economy instead of business class. It has been found that one passenger flying business class, triples a carbon footprint.


Energy Bills

Even the smallest changes to home life can impact climate change. Turning off unused lights, switching to low energy bulbs, not wasting water, using less heating etc. all have a huge impact on the way climate change evolves. If everyone in every household plays a part in changing their home habits, over time, we will have the power to slow down climate change in the long run.


Final Words

The truth is, everyone has the power to impact climate change. The issue starts and ends with us. If everyone plays a role in changing their habits, switching their diets and making conscious decisions on their carbon footprint, we do have the power to make a difference.