Your Boiler Repairs Glasgow Guide

Common reasons for boiler repairs include frozen or clogged pipes, malfunctioning pilot light, defective thermostat or regulator, leaking or overflowing hot water boiler, unusual noise coming from your boiler, or no heat produced by the boiler at all. There are several guides in the market that will help you to overcome these problems. However, before you contact the repairman, make sure that you know what is wrong with your boiler. Here is a boiler repairs Glasgow guide that you will definitely find useful.

When Should You Contact Boiler Repairs Glasgow Services?

Most homes have a boiler fitted since the 1970s and most new boilers are made to withstand regular use. Since older boilers were not designed to handle extreme weather conditions and were vulnerable to leaks and burst pipes, they need regular boiler repairs. Leaks may be found anywhere around the house and repairs can be costly. If your home has a gas boiler or a wood burner, there could be flammable vapours released when the burner is turned on.

Before calling a repairman, check all the rooms of your house for possible leaks. If you see small holes in the insulation or condensation forming on windows, you should try to fill them using caulk or spray foam. Another possible source of the leakage is in the expansion tank underneath the furnace. If you find leaks in the expansion tank or the pipes leading to it, you should remove the tank and inspect the pipes for cracks or leaks. If you find leaks inside the heating system, you should contact a professional boiler repairs company right away, as repairing internal heating systems is a dangerous task.

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What Does Boiler Repairs Glasgow Include?

Basic boiler repairs in Glasgow include checking the pressure of the hot water tank, the condition of the filter, and the level of the hot water supply. You should always add new water to the tank and then check its level to ensure that it is filling at a proper rate. As you perform this simple test, you can also visually check for leaks near the gas outlet or shutoff valve. If your gas supply suddenly goes out, you should turn off your hot water heater and move to a safe place immediately, as dangerous high-pressure fluctuations can cause fires in your home.

Other boiler repairs consist of changing filters, inspecting venting and combustion areas, and testing heat exchangers. A malfunctioning venting system can result in exhaust gases that have too much heat inlet air and cannot escape through the exhaust pipes. This can increase carbon monoxide levels and create dangerous conditions for your family. To test for these potential problems with your heating system, you should first open the exhaust ports of your house and then place a hand down with a folded towel to detect any unusual sound or smell.

A malfunctioning fuel pump can result in inadequate heating or result in your hot water and central air conditioning unit working continuously for no reason at all. If you suspect a malfunction in your furnace, you should consider having boiler repairs performed by a reputable technician in Glasgow. During your appointment, the technician will evaluate the problem and recommend a course of action to fix the issue. You should also be given an ongoing maintenance contract with boiler service providers to ensure that the system continues to work at its optimal efficiency.