A Guide To House Sustainability

If you have ever read anything about house sustainability, or sustainable buildings, you know that the way to make your house sustainable is not through some environmentally costly construction activity. The way to make your house sustainable is through energy management and audit,  through an assessment of all your energy usage. Let me give you a brief overview. There are three primary sources of energy consumption in any home: power, heat, and cool air. The amount of power your house consumes can be significantly reduced by making changes in your power consumption and the amount of heat in your house.


A great way to keep your house sustainable is through the use of natural cleaning products, like natural cleaning foam, natural cleaning powder, and natural cleaning liquids. When you use natural cleaning products on your surfaces, the surface absorbs the chemicals and removes them from your indoor air, thus reducing the number of pollutants in your indoor air. One way to reduce the number of pollutants in your air is to remove surfaces that often get dirty, like wood floors, grout, tiles, and paint. Another way to reduce the number of pollutants in your indoor air is to install exhaust fans in rooms with multiple occupants, such as a home with children. Exhaust fans will remove contaminants from your home’s indoor air and distribute them outside the home. In addition, you can install windows that will let the sunlight shine through your home, or install double panes windows to reduce the amount of heat loss through the windows. Also making sure your boiler functions properly and is repaired whenever a problem occurs, will ensure optimised energy usage.


You can also generate electricity in your home through solar panels and wind turbines. You can generate electricity in your home by using photovoltaic cells on your roof, generating clean, free energy that can power your appliances and other gadgets. This is an easy way to generate electricity and it can even save money for you. If you can build a simple solar panel or wind turbine, you can use the energy it produces to offset the cost of your energy bill. And once you learn how to generate sustainable electricity in your house, you could make a profit selling the surplus energy you generate back to your power company!