How To Sell Your Home With Pets in Scotland

When looking to sell house fast Scotland with pets, you must balance your chances of making a sale with the inconvenience of cleaning up pet smells. Despite the fact that fish tanks are harmless, some people do not like the smell of fish. Whether you have to leave the fish in the aquarium or not is entirely up to you. The following are some ways to minimize the negative effect of your pets on the sale of your home. Read on to learn more about pet odors and cleaning and check out our article on house sustainability.

Removing Pets During Showings

Removing pets from a house during showings is important for a few reasons. For starters, pets can be distracting and can create allergic reactions in some people. You should thoroughly clean your home and remove cat litter boxes. Also, make sure your carpets are free of any pet hair. If your home has large birds, it is important to board them before showings. Lastly, removing your pet during showings will help the real estate agent concentrate on showing the home to potential buyers.

Preparing for Showings

If you have pets and are wondering how to sell house fast Scotland, you need to prepare for showings beforehand. You must clear away your belongings, putting everything in a designated closet or trash container. Prospective buyers want to see closets and storage spaces and this can make a great selling point for your home. Don’t forget to clean the exterior of your home, too. Clear the driveway and remove any litter and trash cans.

cats hanging about a house

Keeping Pets Calm During Showings

Keeping your pet calm during showings can be difficult when a potential buyer has a fear of snakes, spiders, or other animals. If you cannot avoid showing your home to potential buyers, make sure to secure your pet’s cage or keep it in the laundry room. If you are unable to secure your pet, make sure to inform your realtor beforehand and leave a note with instructions and reassurances.

Fixing Pet-Damaged Furniture

If you have a pet, you need to fix pet-damaged furniture before selling your home with pets. While a puppy may not have chewed on a piece of furniture for years, he can do it once he learns to do it. It may also be a sign of a medical condition, or he may simply be bored. Either way, pets will cause damage to furniture, so fixing this damage is a high priority. Thankfully, you can use a wood repair marker to fix superficial damage.

Cleaning up Pet Odours

If you have pets, cleaning up pet odours when selling is an important step to take. Pet smells can be difficult to remove because they are everywhere and do not have a limited area of their own in the home. If you do have pets, deep cleaning your home will help to get rid of these smells. Make sure to do a deep clean of all surfaces and even the underside of doors and windowsills.